Clinic + IP + Pharmacy Management System

All of the new functionalities are available in Phavio`s (Clinic + IP + Pharmacy) management system. It provides everything needed for clinic and pharmacy administration. The Phavio (Clinic + IP + Pharmacy) management system is intended for healthcare facilities to manage all of their activities in clinics and pharmacies.

Modules of Clinic + IP + Pharmacy Management System


In this Dashboard module, you can send your feedback to us about our software. You can see some information about our software.

Front Desk

In this front desk module, we do patient registration, whether it is a new or old patient. We will assign that patient to consult with a doctor. We can send the patient to the lab. In this module, we can see doctors lists, patient lists for that particular doctor, as well as inpatients lists, etc.


In this nursing module, we can see inpatient lists and discharge patient lists. This module contains information about tests, procedures, case sheets, nurse sheets, discharge summaries, and so on.


In this accounts module, we can see all the patient bills. Here we can pay all the bills (ex. reception bills, pharmacy bills, etc.). We can approve the IP requests and discharge requests in this module. We can see all the LEDGER reports, daycloser reports, month closer reports, etc.,


In this pharmacy module, we will enter purchase entry, sales entry, retail sales entry, purchase return entry, sales return entry, etc., In this module, we can see purchase invoices, sales bills, purchase return bills, sales return bills, etc. In this module, we can raise purchase requests as well.


We can do the employee creation process and the selection process. It`s all been done in this module. Here we can see the employee lists. In this module, we can assign a computer to the employee. In this module, we can give some permissions to the employees.


We can create everything under this master module. In this module, we can create doctor, procedure, wards, bed types, products, suppliers, departments, job types, and so on.


In this module, we can add, edit, or delete menus. In this module, the admin will approve the requests (ex: maintenance requests, pharmacy purchase requests).


In this extras module, the phavichat option is available. We can chat with all the employees. We can send any type of file using this chat. A "New Tab" option is also available in this module. To open the software in a new tab, select the New Tab option. So many calculators are also available in this module, including a body fat calculator, a BMI calculator, a BMR calculator, a TDEE calculator, and a mathematical calculator.


In this module, we can see all the reports like these. Doctor Wise Patients reports, Department Wise Patients reports, New Patients reports, Area Wise Patients reports, Age/Gender Wise Patients reports, Patients reports By Admission Date, Patients reports By Discharge Date, Product Purchase/Sale Statement, Stock Opening/Closing Table, Pharmacy Sales reports, and so on.